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If you are still confused about wearing the jewellery for your office meeting then dazzle flash jewellery is a one-stop solution for you. The lure towards this kind of jewellery is everlasting.

But at the same time, it is very important for you to maintain your dazzling gold & silver jewellery in order to ensure that your favourite jewellery piece lasts for a long time.

[bottom]Tips to clean your dazzling gold jewellery

  • When you wear your gold or silver jewellery on a regular basis then it is often exposed to skin oils, makeup, perspiration, dust and more. Due to this reason, you should always clean your jewellery to maintain its original shine and look.
  • Just soak your gold jewellery pieces for at least three hours and then scrub it using a soft brush gently. Under the clean water dry it with a cloth carefully.
  • Rubbing your gold jewellery with alcohol is the best way to clean and sanitize it. Make sure you stay away from bleach because it will damage your gold jewellery.

Tips to clean your dazzling silver jewellery

  • You should always keep your silver jewellery out from the direct sunlight because it will tarnish your jewellery. So whenever you hit the pool or beach, make sure you remove it first.
  • You can also clean your silver jewellery with the help of white vinegar and baking soda because this will assist you in removing the heavy tarnish from your jewellery pieces.
The above-stated are some of the amazing tips to maintain gold and silver jewellery that will surely help in maintaining their original shine.

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