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FANCIME “Wisteria Reverie” Flower Sterling Silver Gold Ring Main
FANCIME “Wisteria Reverie” Flower Sterling Silver Ring Main

“Wisteria Reverie” Flower Sterling Silver Ring



A open floral bar ring features Wisteria flowers.

People believe happiness comes when the Wisteria flower blooms. Wisteria flower is a purple flower symbolizing romance in most cultures. It is a climbing plant that represents the feelings of reluctance between lovers, and the bond between each other.

Our jewelry designs follow the femininity of the flower as it sways in the breeze, like an elegant lady swings in her satin silk dress.

Material: 14k White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver and White CZ Stones
Ring Wall Width: 19.3mm
Weight: 1.85g

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“Wisteria Reverie” Flower Sterling Silver Ring


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