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"It Is A Crush" Sterling Silver Sweet Bow White Heart Dangling Drop Earrings



Heart is the most-loved symbol that says it all, present our "It Is A Crush" to your darling and show her your love affection.

The "Sugar Bow Bow" collection is inspired by the delicate and romantic beauty of the bow. With its sparkling gems and intricate designs, each piece in this collection captures the sweet and playful charm of the bow. The collection is meant to celebrate the joy and excitement of falling in love, and to inspire the wearer to embrace their romantic side and to let their heart lead the way. Pair your sugary moments with our "Sugar Bow Bow" jewelry designs. Show your appreciation of all the sweet memories and cherishable moments that happened in life and always stay stunning for the next one.

If gifting is your love language, don't forget to tell her "Sweetheart, you are the best gift of my life".

Material: White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver and White Cubic Zirconia stones
Dimension: 18.7mmX29mm
Weight: 5.9g

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"It Is A Crush" Sterling Silver Sweet Bow White Heart Dangling Drop Earrings


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