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Our Jewelry Box Says "I Fancy You"

Our Jewelry Box Says "I Fancy You"

FANCIME believes a gift can be a powerful language to your love with deeper implications. A jewelry piece creates a tangible emotional attachment with you and your loved ones. 

When a gift is given to someone, that moment becomes a special occasion for both of you. Do you think a gift would speak for you with your "Love Language" and get you closer to the person you love the most? 

The answer is, Yes Indeed!

Our jewelry box sends your love words "I Fancy You" along with the jewelry you picked on our website.

Jewelry gift box

Based on the article written by Cheal (1987, p.152), a gift, be it tangible good or an intangible experience, might be considered "a ritual offering that is a sign of involvement in and connectedness to another". 

No matter what you are giving, the recipient knows you are always thinking of him/ her, and that is how impactful a gift can be.

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Every moment is an occasion. As a jeweler, we want to offer you jewelry gift ideas and create heartfelt moments for you and the ones you love. A precious solid gold jewelry piece that lasts forever and represents the connection and relationship. 

Is jewelry an ideal gift for your valentine?

Precious metal and natural gemstones are valuable and everlasting. A pretty statement jewelry piece enhances the look and adds some personality to daily outfits. Do you want to gift something that has a story and also becomes a conversational starter? Jewelry speaks for itself. 

Can I wear matching jewelry with my best friend?

There is no doubt that jewelry is a go-to friendship gift idea. BFF lasts forever and so does your solid gold jewelry. Here are some jewelry designs that are popular among girls,

14k Solid Yellow Gold Two Circle Friendship Bracelet $285

14k yellow gold friendship bracelet

"Cuddle Hearts" 14K White Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pear Cut Pink CZ Two Layer Choker Necklace, 16 Inches $69

pink heart cz stone two layer sterling silver necklace

What Does A Heart Necklace Mean?

The heart symbol has had its universal meaning of love over centuries. The heart shape represents the center of emotion, love affection, joy, and compassion. FANCIME offers heart design jewelry in different sizes and price ranges. Your love and your love messages will always be delivered.

Here are our bestselling 14K gold heart necklaces and heart earrings. 

14K Yellow Gold Natural Garnet Dainty Angel Wings Heart Necklace $299

14K Yellow Gold Natural Garnet Dainty Angel Wings Heart Necklace

18K Sweet Heart Solid Yellow Gold Tiny Cute Diamond Earring Studs $192

18K Sweet Heart Solid Yellow Gold Tiny Cute Diamond Earring Studs

14K Gold Delicate Peridot Heart Birthstone Pendant Necklace $245

14K Gold Delicate Peridot Heart August Birthstone Pendant Necklace

Everyday Essential Designs

If you want to see her wearing your love gift every day and remember the sweet memory and emotional attachment you two are having, a classic design is a perfect and ideal choice. Jewelry pieces lend equity to basic and delicate styles without overdoing it. A simple gold necklace allows the wearer to dress up and down, and always stay minimal and fashionable. In addition, chic jewelry sets can be easily styled when she wants to layer her favorite necklaces.

"True Love" 18K Yellow Gold Dazzling Heart Necklace With Diamond $345

“Tube Lines” Smile Gold Bar Necklace In 14K Yellow Gold  $255
smily gold bar necklace for women

"Ever Eternal" Shiny Infinity Symbol Necklace In 14K Solid Gold $269


Make it personal with our "Engrave Me" service, contact us at if you need engraving services. Delivery time may change if you want to make a personalized gift. Don't hesitate to contact us before purchasing.

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