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Why Fancime?


Fancime differentiates itself from other jewelers by its sustainability,
transparency, and charitability.


As stated above, Fancime is committed to clean and ethical manufacturing procedures. To keep the craftsmanship of fine jewelry making, only limited and sustainable materials are being used for our products such as 925 sterling silver, 10K and 14K solid gold. Mounted with high-quality synthetic stones or natural semi-precious gemstones, every piece Fancime sells is made to last.
Gemstone & Pearls:
Fancime guarantees all gemstones and pearls that are being used to meet standard qualifications. All synthetic stones are sourced from reliable Swarovski Gems to ensure the quality and reputation; all natural stones are sourced from conflict-free mines in our effort to protect human rights and our environment.


A perfect jewelry piece needs a design as its soul and craftsmanship as its body. Perfect design requires exquisite craftsmanship to reflect the subtleties of its design.
That’s how important the manufacturing process is to jewelry making. Fine jewelry differentiates itself from fashion accessories because of the delicate handiwork that goes into its creation.
Fancime works closely with our jewelers to make sure every piece of jewelry is crafted with care.


In order to achieve our inspiring and creative variety of designs,
Fancime cannot survive on our own.
Strategic partnerships between designers and manufacturers help to accelerate Fancime’s ability to maintain the highest quality for its customers.

Fanci Price

Fancime works directly with jewelry designs and jewelry manufactures.
We cut off the brand premium charges and extra distribution charges often found through retail distributors. Because of our origins as an E-Commerce channel, we work from design to manufacturer straight to our customer!


All gold, diamond, and colored gemstones are carefully hand selected and inspected by trained jewelry specialists. They're crafted in compliance with United States Gold Quality Standards.
The emotional quality retained by jewelry makes it essential that our customers have something that will last them forever.


-Conflict-free Resources
All jewelry materials are sourced from conflict-free zones across the world. Fancime makes its distribution channels transparent, always ensuring that human rights are protected in the business.
-No Brand Premium
Brand premium is an additional margin, luxury brands always add on top of the cost of products. Fancime aims to cuff-off the brand premium and sell fine jewelry at affordable prices.

Charitable Giving

Fancime gives part of it's profits to charities and foundations to protect human development and the environment we are living in. Fancime makes your purchase and life more meaningful wherever you go.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our customers to express themselves through our jewelry, and to strengthen the bonds between people through the power of gift-giving. We understand that giving a gift is a powerful way to show love and appreciation, and we're passionate about creating pieces that communicate that message with elegance and sophistication.

Why Fancime?

We are committed to celebrating the power of gift-giving as a means of strengthening relationships and fostering emotional connections between people. Our jewelry pieces are designed to represent the love, friendship, and bond shared between people, creating precious and lasting moments of love and closeness.

How we do it?

We believe that every piece of jewelry has the ability to create precious and lasting moments of love and closeness between people. We're dedicated to creating a world where everyone feels seen, special, and cherished, one piece of jewelry at a time.

We're committed to using the finest materials and craftsmanship in every piece we make, and we take pride in designing jewelry that is not only beautiful but also has a story to tell. Whether it's a special occasion or a daily reminder of love, our jewelry is designed to make our customers feel confident, loved, and fancy.

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