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How to Layer Necklaces with Popular Chains

There is no doubt that people layer all kinds of necklaces nowadays and every set looks different. Bold necklace set would bring your outsit to the next level and we don't want your neck looks like a necklace rack. In this article, we will share tips on how to layer trendy chains like Cuban chains, paperclip chains, box chains, and herringbone chains with your favorite everyday pendant. 

Cuban Necklace

You see people wear Cuban chains everywhere now, yes they come in different thicknesses and lengths. It creates a powerful look to your outfit. Play with them and match chains with your significant other, make your jewelry styling more meaningful and joyful!
An 18k solid yellow gold can cost you about $5k and it is worth to invest due to its craftsmanship and its gold value. If you want to find some good quality chains without break your back, below are the Cuban chains you can find in the market at affordable prices,
Ellie Vail - Liam Cuban Chain Necklace $65
Small Michel Curb Chain Necklace by BaubleBar

PaperClip Necklace

Paperclip chain can be a must have layering chain since it bring a texture to your necklace set and its clip design can create different effects to your outfit.

It can be elegant and delicate, and it can be very bold and chic. 

Parker Mini Layering Set by Gorjana $65


Hera Link Necklace by BaubleBar $48


Box Chain Necklace

You will certainly get a "love at the first sight" moment when you see a box chain in person. Its box look creates a balance when you want to make your necklace set casual and unisex. Pair it with a heart pendant and you are ready to go to the fashion district and shop more!
Fine Oval Box Chain Necklace adjustable 46cm/18" by Mejuri $95


Herringbone Chain Necklace

Herringbone Chain Necklace by Madewell $34

Herringbone Chain Necklace by Madewell $34

Hey Harper offers its "Born Ready Set" that includes one cable and one herringbone chain, by wearing the set itself, you can be business casual, sporty and dressy! 

"Born Ready Set"
To enhance the look and make it bold, match the necklace set with a 17-inch-long Bennett 18k tennis necklace from BaubleBar ($128) and a heart shaped 14k yellow gold pendant necklace from FANCIME ($180)

Takeaway Tips:

  • When you layer multiple necklaces, make sure the gold color tone stays the same. 
  • If you want to try 2-tone looks, apply the same god mix to your bracelet set and ring set also.