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15 beautiful and affordable fine jewelry gifts she'll love

15 beautiful and affordable fine jewelry gifts she'll love

Whether she is your girlfriend or partner you have been married to for a year or 50 years, jewelry will always be a fail-safe gift for her. One thing you have to make sure is that you pay attention to what she likes to wear because it is going to help you pick a piece for your next anniversary.

Be it Valentine's Day or your anniversary, your choices of jewelry can definitely make her smile. It can be a pair of earrings to a necklace to a bracelet, depending on what your special someone likes.

Even if you do know her choices it is hard sometimes to pick a piece, isn’t it? You are constantly worrying if she will like it? Or worse, what if she does not? To top it all off, you are worried about what to get her?

We are here to solve your miseries! We have curated you a guide that will help you to buy the perfect and affordable fine jewelry that she will definitely love. So let’s hop onto it.

  • Mini Gold Heart Initial Pendant

Nothing gets better than a personalized gift.While there are a number of options you can gift her but a pendant with an adorable heart engraved with her initial will definitely melt her. Even if she is angry at you!

Necklaces are indeed a great option, but jewelry with a personal touch will also exhibit that you put thought and sentiment into it.

"A" 14K Solid Yellow Gold Heart Initial Dainty Pendant Necklace

  • Crown Ring

She is the “Queen of your Heart”, so you can treat her with this beautifully crafted crown ring. The design is inspired from the Victorian era complemented with fine detailings and sparkling CZs.

We bet she will immediately fall in love with this ring.

"Elsa" 14K Yellow Gold Crown Ring

  • Circle Pendant Necklace

Dainty necklaces always make a great gift. They are not only elegant but are sure to add an eye catching charm to one’s looks.

Bring a smile to her face with this lovely gift. Inspired by contemporary designs, this necklace will not be a “sit in the box” accessory but something she can wear everyday, be it a casual day out or an office meeting. 

14K Real Solid Yellow Gold Karma Open Circle of Eternity Pendant Necklace

  • Connection Bracelet

Bracelets are always a great accessory. If worn correctly one can carry them to almost any place one wants to, be it in an office meeting or casual day out.

Dainty bracelets are something that she will love to wear her outfits with. So if you are looking to buy her one, this connection bracelet is a great choice. The interlocked circles showcase your never ending love and commitment to her. This gift will strengthen your bond and show how much you care for her.

14k Solid Yellow Gold Two Circle Friendship Bracelet

  • Moonstone Necklace - June Birthstone

It is very thoughtful to gift someone with their birthstone jewelry. Birthstones are personal and tell a lot about their wearer.

A birthstone is actually a gemstone that represents a person’s period of birth as well as the month or the person’s zodiac sign. Birthstones are often crafted in jewelry as a pendant necklace or a ring, etc. Whatever be the jewelry piece, it is something a person connects to, and surely she will as well. Getting her a birthstone necklace will exhibit how much thought and sentiment you put in the gift.

Delicate June Birthstone Round-cut Moonstone Necklace in 14K White Gold

  • Rainbow Huggie Earrings

Who does not love colors? Let us correct the question, who does not love rainbows?

She doesn't have to worry about color coordination anymore because she will have all the sparkling colors in just a single pair. These huggie hoops with their lovely colors will definitely light her up. Crafted with colorful gemstones prong set in gold, these huggie hoops are the perfect gift.

"Colorful Moon" Multi Color Gemstone Hoops

  • Sapphire Dots Ring

These rings are a great compliment when she wants a little bit of sparkle combined with color. These sleek and elegant rings will also elevate the sparkle of her engagement rings. So if she is looking for something that will brilliantly pair with her ring, then you should definitely go for this option. It will also showcase your everlasting love for her and also strengthen the relationship you people share.

Line & Dots 14K Gold Semi Eternity Blue Tsaverite Sapphire Wedding Band

  • Line Threaders

Threader earrings are the epitome of elegance. They are easy to wear and are a chic addition to any jewelry collection. These are the drop earrings that one can wear everywhere and at any place without worrying about overwhelming their dress or so. Threader earrings come with a decorated ear post on one end with an attached thread that you insert into the piercing then simply pull gently, so that the chain slides through the hole in the ear. They are considered to be the most comfortable earrings and one can wear them all day.

Threader earrings can make a great gift for her if she loves dainty pieces for everyday wear, as these are easy to wear pieces and will definitely become her closet staple.

14kt Yellow Gold Threader Earrings with Round Cut Diamonds Dainty Long Drop Earrings

  • Moon and Star Pendant

A drop of celestial charms! Charm necklaces in general are loved by all women. They are cute, adorable and super elegant to wear. They add their own delectable “charm” in looks. This moon and star pendant necklace will definitely brighten up her day all along. The embellished diamonds make the necklace more beautiful: this necklace is the perfect gift for her and you are practically bringing the moon and stars to her!

14K Solid Gold Crescent Moon and Star Pendant Necklace with Diamonds Dainty Jewelry Gift

  • Cross Diamond Earring Studs

These simple cross stud earrings with their unbeatable sparkle and design will impress her. Be it your anniversary or her birthday, stud earrings are known to be the most safest of options when you are thinking of buying her jewelry. When you feel tricky, always purchase a pair of studs.

They are simple but are a staple on every woman’s jewelry collection. She can wear it to work or a party or even to the beach! Studs are simply amazing!

Simple Cross Diamond Earring Studs In 14K Solid Yellow Gold

  • Tourmaline Butterfly Ring

Butterflies are known to be the symbol of transformation. As worms turn into something beautiful they are often used as a symbol of one’s journey through life, and how after so many struggles they have turned to be someone successful and beautiful.

Butterfly themed jewelry has been in trend for years and are without a doubt a great gifting piece for the special someone in your life. She will not only appreciate the jewelry but also the thought behind it.

"Candice" Tourmaline Butterfly Ring In 18K Rose Gold

  • Aurora borealis opal Stud Earrings

Opals have long been a symbol of undying love and passion. They are also known to represent hope, good luck and wisdom. Opals are also believed to be the emotional intensifiers.

With their enchanting fiery streak and iridescent effect they are one of the most beautiful gemstones ever discovered. If you are thinking of giving her something special, then you can surely go ahead with opal studs. The enchanting gemstones are sure to make her smile.

Genuine Natural Blue Fire Opal 18K Solid Yellow Gold Disc Small Circle Stud Earrings

  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Crafted with Akoya pearls from Japan, this dainty bracelet will be a sweet and romantic gift to her. Pearls have long been a symbol of everlasting and incorruptible love, so these sea gems are perfect for gifting to your special someone. They also represent a fresh or new start of a relationship if they are gifted by someone.

The best thing about this elegant bracelet is that she can wear it everyday be it to work or a date night with you.

Akoya 14K Yellow Gold Pearl Bracelet

  • Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Evil eye charms have long been used in various cultures as talismans and it protects the wearer from negative energies. Evil eye charms have a history that dates back to many centuries; it was later adopted by many cultures and civilizations.

This evil eye pendant necklace makes a thoughtful gift for your loved one as it will protect her from all the negativities and fill her with positive vibes.

Evil Eye 14K Solid Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace, 18 INCH

  • Gold Butterfly Necklace

Everyone loves a beautiful butterfly. And if your girlfriend or wife is among those people, this butterfly necklace is the perfect gift for her. Butterflies represent all the good things in life like hope, endurance, change and positivity. They are also a great reminder for how grateful can be of one’s life and every moment in it.

Updated on August 17th, 2022

"Dreamy Butterfly" 14K Yellow Gold Butterfly Necklace

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