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Online Jewelry Stores: Top 13 Most Popular Necklace Types

Online Jewelry Stores: Top 13 Most Popular Necklace Types

Are you looking for necklace designs all over the web? Is it in your mind all the time? A necklace can transform your appearance from bland to beautiful in no time! However, there are innumerable types of necklaces in the market. How would you know which one to choose? Will it suit your personality? Will it be durable? Will it make you stand out in a crowd? Let us find out which ones are the top 13 most popular necklace types and what their essential features are.

Chain styles

What Queries Will This Post Answer?

This post will answer some important queries like -

  • What are the most popular necklace types?
  • Which necklace type is the most durable?
  • What other factors to consider while buying a necklace?

Let us begin with -

1. Anchor/Mariner Chain

Anchor chain

Also known as anchor links and Gucci, a mariner chain necklace is one of the most durable types. It draws inspiration from the underwater world and is named accordingly. It is shaped exactly like the anchor links that keeps a ship in place when it is not on the go.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

Anchor or Mariner chains can be worn by both men and women. Men usually prefer the thicker types while women prefer the thinner and flatter types.

 Is the Anchor chain durable?

The anchor or the mariner chain is the most durable type of necklace. The interconnecting round and oval links tend to make the necklace heavy and very strong.

There are two types of Anchor chains and they are-

  • Solid flat mariner chain -

The solid flat mariner chain is for people who love sleek and elegant designs. This can be worn with or without a pendant and makes for a lovely piece of jewelry to wear to work. It is mostly popular with women.

  • Puffed mariner chain

For those who prefer dramatically-designed chains, the puffed mariner chain is the best bet. It is chunkier and has an eyeball-grabbing appearance. Most men tend to prefer this design.

2. Ball/Bead Chain

Bead chain

A typical ball/bead chain is smooth beads linked together in a series. There are two ways in which these bead chains are designed. One design has a continuous link of beads while the other has gaps between the beads. You could team it up with a pendant if you are stepping out for an event but it looks pretty on its own, if worn to work. Ball/bead necklaces are available in a variety of designs. These designs range from disc balls to round balls and from oval beads to diamond beads.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

This design is mostly preferred by women. Its dainty appearance makes it a pretty piece of jewelry to own.

Is the ball/bead chain durable?

No, the ball/bead chain does not score high on the durability ground. It is a delicate piece of jewelry that could snap easily.

3. Box Chain

Box chain

This is one of the most popular designs that both men and women could sport. Smooth square links come together to make this chain. It has no gaps in between and is a continuous series of square links.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

Both men and women can wear this necklace type. Usually the chunkier designs are preferred by men.

 Is the box chain durable?

The box chain is highly durable and can be worn regularly. If it does chip or break, in a rare situation, it can fixed very easily by a jeweler and hardly requires much time.

4. Cable Chain

Cable chain

Usually every family has one cable chain as an heirloom that is passed down through generations. It is a basic oval link chain that makes for a no-fuss everyday office wear. It has a timeless appeal of its own and is loved by people who prefer minimalist jewelry.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

Both men and women can wear this design. It mostly depends upon the personality type of the wearer. People who prefer a simple and classy look will naturally opt for thus chain.

 Is the cable chain durable?

Yes, the cable chain is quite durable because it is a basic design without any complication.

5. Curb Chain

Curb chain

Flat interconnected links come together in a uniform series to make the curb chain. It is a symbol of strength and solidarity because of its chunky and uniform design. The curb chain is an eternal favorite among people who prefer traditional designs in jewelry.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

This is predominantly a masculine design because of its thickness. They also tend to be heavy on the neck. However, thinner versions of this necklace are also popular among women who prefer a shift from the usual feminine variants.

 Is the curb chain durable?

Yes, the curb chain is high on durability and almost lasts forever without needing any maintenance. It is easy to clean and retains its shape.

6. Figaro Chain

Figaro chain

A figaro chain is typically made up of three smaller links interconnected with one longer or oval link. The chain has an alternating pattern of shapes that make for a unique style statement. This type of chain is an instant eye-catcher.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

The figaro is gender-neutral. While men could sport this chain on its own, women could add a nice pendant to it to give it a celebratory look.

 Is the figaro chain durable?

A figaro chain is very sturdy and durable and is quite hard to break a link. However, if you do break it, fixing the link could ruin the uniformity of the chain.

7. Rope Chain

Rope chain

A detailed weaving of links to form a textured and twisted appearance, makes a rope chain. This type of chain has the most intricate details and is yet another classic piece of jewelry to own. It has a number of textured surfaces that refracts light and gives it an unbeatable shine.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

Rope chain can be worn by both men and women.

 Is the rope chain durable?

With a whole lot of twisting and detailing involved, rope chains are bound to be highly durable and also tend to be heavy.

8. Singapore chain

Singapore Chain

A sleek yet sturdy type, the Singapore chain is a smart and stylish option for those who do not prefer chunky or thicker styles of jewelry. It has a fluid texture and moves with ease. However, it could tangle easily and get caught up in hair. Due to its heavy-duty make, it can hold the chunkiest of pendants and is usually worn with one.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

This design is mostly preferred by women.

 Is the Singapore chain durable?

The interlinking of segments make this chain durable and sturdy enough to keep heavy pendants in place.

9. Snake Chain

Snake chain

True to its name, this chain looks exactly like a snake and glides around your neck with the same fluidity of a snake. A compact weaving of mildly curved plates and thin rings make a snake chain smooth and continuous. The links are so closely-knit that no gap is visible. There is no rough edge and nothing that could catch on to your hair or clothes. This chain can be worn without a pendant.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

The snake design can be worn by both men and women.

 Is the snake chain durable?

The snake chain is a slightly fragile design because of its smoothness that uses no rigid structure to compactly knit the links.

10. Spiga/Wheat Chains

Spiga / Wheat Chain

Looking exactly like a wheat stalk, a Spiga or wheat chain is often known as the favorite design of a jeweler. This is because it is durable and reliable enough to hold the chunkiest pendants without being swayed away. Every link of this chain is supported at multiple levels. It’s unmatched strength is its predominant characteristic feature.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

This timeless piece can be sported by both men and women.

 Is the wheat chain durable?

The wheat chain scores full points for durability. Its strength is based on its thickness but its unique design that fully supports heavy pendants.

11. Gucci Chains


Rounder and wider links come together to make Gucci chains. They look a lot like Anchor or mariner chains but tend to be slightly chunkier than them. If you like wearing statement jewelry, then a chunky Gucci chain is your best bet.

 Is the design meant for men or women?

Gucci chains are more popular among men.

 Is the Gucci chain durable?

The thickness of the chain makes it highly durable.

12. Byzantine Chain

Byzantine chain

A byzantine chain looks a lot like a rope chain but is more detailed and textured than the former version. There is a unique flexibility about this chain that makes it quite popular. Each link of this chain passes through four more links that makes it quite durable.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

This design is mostly preferred by men.

 Is the Byzantine chain durable?

Yes, the byzantine chain is durable as well as flexible. Its detailing enhances its strength.

13. Rolo chain

Rolo chain

Symmetrical and hollowed links come together to make the Rolo chain. They are also known as belcher chains. The Rolo chain looks pretty and has a distinct visual appeal.

 Is this design meant for men or women?

Both men and women can wear this design.

 Is the Rolo chain durable?

It is essentially made of hollowed links that tend to be quite thin. It does not score very high on durability.

Which Necklace Type is the Most Durable?

There are 6 types of necklaces that are most durable and they are -
 Spiga/Wheat Chain
 Curb chain
 Figaro chain
 Marina chain
 Ball/bead chain
 Rope chain

Factors To Consider Before Buying

There are a few significant factors that you should consider before buying a necklace -

1. The purpose of buying

This will help you to choose the type of chain. If you are looking at an everyday wear, invest in a premium quality durable chain that requires low maintenance.

2. Safety of the chain

It is important to find out whether the chain has a secure latch or clasp. The lobster clasp is considered to be the safest of all.

3. Occasion

If you are buying a chain for a specific occasion, keep that in mind before making a purchase. A chunkier chain looks great for a celebration while a simpler chain is ideal for day events or summer parties.

4. Body type

If you are tall and skinny, you can wear whichever type of chain you want to. Adding pendants will enhance your height and frame. If you are shorter, opt for longer and sleeker chains that will elongate your frame. If you are broader and are top-heavy, you could wear sleek chains with chunky pendants to distract attention from your chest area. Know your body type before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Buying jewelry is not only about enjoying its visual appeal but also about investing in the future. Fine and well-crafted jewelry never loses its charm and value and you can continue to cherish it for a lifetime and beyond. Always find the purpose behind buying a piece of jewelry before investing in it so that you know exactly which type to buy. Also consider your profession and every day activities so that you can decide upon the style and durability factor. A beautiful piece of jewelry complements your inner glow and that is the first reason to buy one.

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