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THE 7 BEST Personalized Leather And Silver Bracelets FOR Father's Day

From attending your soccer games, to teaching you how to fish, ride a bike or even braid your hair, your dad has done a lot for you every step of the way. Now is the time to thank him for all that he has done for you. You might be wondering how?

Well, with Father’s Day approaching, we at Tsing jewelry have curated the perfect go-to-guide for the ultimate Father’s Day gifts. What better way to say that you love your Dad than with a meaningful piece of keepsake that he can wear daily. Our high-end selection of men’s bracelets are created keeping in mind the love you share with your Dad. We have a plethora of designs for you to choose from.

You are wondering if a piece of jewelry will be correct for your Dad on Father’s Day? Will he like it?

We know that it is easy to please Mum with beautiful jewelry but will the same trick work on Dad as well? And do men wear bracelets?

This article will help you to know all that is there about men’s bracelets and you can get the perfect gift for your old man for Father’s Day. So let’s just dive into it.

A Little Bit Of History

Historians believe that the Neanderthals were the first to accessorize themselves with jewelry around some 130,000 years ago by using animal teeth and shells. In Croatia, researchers found a set of eagle talons from the same era, which they believe were a part of a necklace or bracelet and most likely of a man. Ancient Egyptians used to adorn themselves with loads of jewelry because they believe that the accessories will secure a better future. In Egypt both men and women used to adorn themselves with gold and silver as they thought it would also get them attention from the gods. The more jewelry they wore, the more attracted the deities will be and control their health, wealth, success and their afterlife. Egyptians also believed in shamans and spirits, thus the use of symbolic amulets such as the Eye of Horus was worn heavily to ward off the evil spirits and provide spiritual guidance to the rulers.

As it was common in the earlier times for men and women to wear heavier jewels, it became a thing of the past. While wearing jewelry for women continued to be in style, the notion changed for men around the world. But, indeed with the ever changing fashion trends men’s bracelets have made a major comeback and you can definitely see them everywhere.

Men’s Bracelets: What to Consider Before Buying

In recent times we have seen as exponential rise in the amount of men wearing jewelry, whether it was Harry Styles and his single pearl earring and Gucci rings adorned fingers at the red carpet of Met Gala , the photoshoot of Jacob Elordi wearing drop earrings and necklaces, or Shawn Mendes inspiring men everywhere that it is high time they invest in a men’s bracelet.

But finding a men’s bracelet that will actually elevate your dad’s outfit with style is no easy task! Here are certain tips that will help you out.

Bracelet Style

Like most accessories, men’s jewelry, especially bracelets are a personal thing and therefore there is no absolute right or wrong style of bracelet. Whether you go for a link chain design or a leather wraparound, the choice should be informed by the factor of what your dad likes, the rest of his look, and how he will wear it everyday. A classic bracelet is always a good investment, so choose the design likewise so that he can wear it for decades to come without worrying about the newer trends. In simpler words get something “ that stands the test of time”.

Bracelet Color

Whilst choosing gifts for your dad the most important thing you have to think about before investing is the color of the metal. Because you will want a bracelet that complements his watch, whether that be a sterling silver or gold or the leather bracelets he adores.
You should also consider if he likes to wear any additional jewelry, like the cross on his neck, matching it to the bracelet is essential enough. Keeping a theme in jewelry is important as it conveys a more put together look. Also, gold colour suits the warm skin tones better while cool skin looks better with silver.

Bracelet Material

Although a minimal cuff style bracelet is arguably the easiest entry in men’s jewelry, wrist accessories aren’t and shouldn’t be limited to metals only. In fact bracelets are known for their versatility as come in every design from leather to rope braided to beaded styles.
By virtue of the casual nature of the materials, bracelets which are made of leather like the rope or beaded ones are a great look for the weekends or the days when hitting the beach seems the best option.

Types Of Bracelets

Here is a list of the best bracelets that are not only fashionable but sophisticated enough to gift your Dad with something special.

  • Cuff Bracelets

Cuff and bangle style bracelets are the most safest options if you are not sure about what he likes or this is the first ever time he is going to dip his toe in the man jewelry pool. The bright and shiny versions are enough of a statement if worn alone or it can also be paired with other bracelets for a layered look. The cuff bracelets also go great with watches.

FEARLESSNESS 925 Sterling Silver Mens Open Cuff Bracelet

  • Beads Bracelet

The beads bracelet was designed as a symbol of connection and ready to wear for every journey. Our selection of Men’s Bracelet with small beads in silver, was made for the innovative man who inspires everyone and everywhere he goes. It represents adventure, personnel power, and spontaneity. This bead bracelet will add a different look onto his outfits. This bracelet will also display that celebrating your Dad is forever and that the love you share is strong as ever.

PATH 925 Sterling Silver Mens Leather Bracelet - Black

  • Leather Bracelets

A men’s leather bracelet is made for the contemporary men of today. Our selection of leather bracelets make an excellent gift for this Father’s Day. The dark rich tones of leather be it black or brown exhibits a sophisticated vibe. The key to purchase leather bracelets is to always stick to dark neutral tones. The motifs with engraved patterns crafted in sterling silver complement the leather and will look great when paired with jeans and a classic t-shirt. The leather bracelets will definitely compliment your dad’s wrist nicely and he will definitely appreciate the style and design.

FOOTPRINT 925 Sterling Silver Mens Leather Bracelet - Brown

  • Chain Bracelets

Men’s chain bracelets are the ultimate wrist candy for every season and style. Fashionable and masculine are the two words to define these pieces. The sterling silver piece is an alluring choice, sleek in design it can be worn classically with a suit and casual outfits, as they work favourably great with any clothing or even wristwatches. This gorgeous gift will display how essential your father is in your life and how much loved they are.

Mens Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain Bracelet, 6MM

Men's Sterling Silver Thick Wheat Link Bracelet 8" Length

  • Rope Bracelets

Rope bracelets are basically known as the casual cousin to leather bracelets. The rope or cord style bracelets are more versatile than they appear to be. You can either give your Dad a plain version but if it is paired with a carved motif it looks effectively great. If your father is someone who does not like flashy jewelry then rope bracelets will be a good choice for them as they effortlessly sit under any sleeve and compliment any formal or casual look.

FREEDOM 925 Sterling Silver Mens Leather Bracelet - Black

DESTINATION 925 Sterling Silver Mens Leather Bracelet - Brown

  • Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets are far from being the cheap replacement of gold. In fact sterling silver is the new VOGUE! Also sterling silver has the benefit of being the least flashiest of all other metals. And its malleability becomes a plus one as it can be moulded into the best chunky styles. You can easily gift your old man from our stunning selection of silver bracelets that are effortlessly versatile and something that he is going to hold onto for a long time.

            FANCIME Freedom Men's Wheat Link Chain Sterling Silver Bracelet

Now that you have a clear picture of the various styles of men’s bracelets, we recommend you to check out our website, and we assure you that you will find the best bracelets for your Dad and this Father’s Day will be the most special for him.

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