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Springtime Buying Guide

Springtime Buying Guide

Whether it’s to celebrate the turn of the season or prep your outfits for springtime onset of formal occasions, as you shed those winter coats, you’ll probably want some style to greet the summer air. Checkout our buying guide for spring 2018.


#1 Celebrate Earth Day with our ERTH-CORE Sleeper Hoop Earrings

I mean, come on! What a better way to go green than by picking up a pair of rad earring designs from an environmentally sustainable jewelry designer? These beautifully set hand crafted earrings are made from pure 14k gold by our affiliate designer ERTH. Ranked as a 2018 best seller, this piece comes made to style.


#2 Blossom with a Blossom from our Il Tramonto Estivo Collection

Sometimes the best way to match the season is to literally match the season. If you’re feeling festive about budding cherry blossoms and the awakening of the world from winter’s slumber, throw on a pair of our floral gold plated earring studs. Walk away from winter feeling sweet with this eclectic stud design.


#3. Take your Style Into the Wild

The greatest part of spring is watching all the vibrant walks of life spring to life. Hibernation is over, style your walk like the beast within. Our new M-Line collection features a series of 3D printed models of Stags, Swallows, Dolphins and Tigers! It’s a little bit different when it comes to traditional jewelry designs, but these pieces have been popular since their release!

It's a season of change and we want to help bring out the brightest colors in you. The worst of winter is over (fingers crossed) and as fashion gears itself for summer, give your look a taste of something different. 

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