Things to consider before buying Moissanite jewellery
      Moissanite is gaining its popularity among the young couples and people are often opting this stone over diamonds. It is one of the most popular & exceptional stones that is often used in engagement rings & fine jewellery instead of diamonds.

      It is an outstanding gem due to its amazing qualities and also has a brighter appearance when compared to other gemstones.

      Moissanite is considered as one of the hardest gemstones present on the earth and is also harder when compared to other stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

      You can easily wear Moissanite jewellery on a regular basis, while they also complement all kinds of dresses.

      29 artículos

      29 artículos

      The four C’s of Moissanite
      Before you buy moissanite it is very important for you to consider its 4 C’s- carat, cut, colour and clarity. All the four C’s are known for ensuring the quality and durability of this stone.

      Moissanite Shapes
      Just like diamonds, moissanite earrings are also available in a wide range of eye-catchy and attractive styles. These earrings are also available in different appealing shapes such as squares, ovals, castle and many more.

      If you want to surprise your special one on their special day then you can definitely go for a moissanite ring or earrings because they are known for making a perfect gift.

      You can find a wide assortment of moissanite jewellery at Fancime within your budget.

      Therefore, if you want to make your mother feel special on her birthday then nothing can be better than a moissanite necklace which will surely be a memory for her to cherish for a lifetime.

      You can find eye-catchy and attractive pieces of moissanite jewellery at Fancime that can be easily paired with any clothing be it formal, western or ethnic.