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How We're Saying 'Goodbye' to Winter and 'Hello' to Summer

How We're Saying 'Goodbye' to Winter and 'Hello' to Summer

This winter like most winters has been brutal. For New Yorkers at least, it’s been arctic cold, relentless winds and confused weather patterns that can’t tell whether they’re rain or snow. But while winter annually presents it’s challenges, without it’s turmoil we wouldn’t have as strong an appreciation for summer!

This year we’re rolling out the red carpet for sunny days and starry nights with our new Sole Estivo collection! Translated from Italian, this collection's name "Summer Sun" shakes the lulls of winter to life with vibrant charisma. This entire collection was designed with the refreshing elements of summer in mind; from our festive Pineapple Bottom Gold Vermeil Stud Earrings  to the celestially inspired “Butterfly Enchanment” Gold Vermeil Post Earrings . We wanted to make a design that could accentuate the good times! These 14k gold plated sterling silver pieces help amp up your selfie game by highlighting all the subtle angles of your face. Paying careful attention not to pull too much focus, the idea behind the Sole Estivo collection was to create an accessory piece that works with what you’re wearing, not the other way around. Not only that, this elegant collection is one of the most affordable options for luxury jewelry pieces we offer on our website. Each piece is delicately crafted from 925 sterling silver and then plated in 14k gold and paired with sparkling cubic zirconia.


It’s the time of year for awakening; long days and longer nights. Molt those layers and deck your summer style with the enchanting features of the "Sole Estivo" collection. We want you to feel great about what your wearing- and not have to break the bank doing it! To us summer is about celebration, relaxation, self-care and personal reflection. Help us bring that to life with the launch of this beautiful collection of handcrafted jewelry.

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