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The Best 14K Gold Fine Jewelry Gifts

The Best 14K Gold Fine Jewelry Gifts

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s - there are so many gifts to find for your special ones!

Plus each person on that list of yours is different and unique in their own way. What extra special gift should you get your mom, sister, best friend, or fiance? And you know in your heart that you’ll indeed be in trouble if you don’t put thought and sentiment into each and every gift.

How can you keep your senses from getting overwhelmed?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get everyone on your list something that will not only reflect your emotions but also timeless?

Well your answer is fine jewelry!

What is Fine Jewelry?

The term “fine jewelry” refers to any jewelry that is made with precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Fine jewelry generally uses genuine and expensive gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds as well. Fine jewelry is not only just durable, it is made to last for longer than a lifetime. As a result, fine jewelry is the best choice for everyday wear purposes.

We have curated this article for you that will serve you as a helpful guide to pick out the best 14K gold fine jewelry gifts for all the special holidays. So let’s get into it.

  • Earrings

Earrings are known to be classics. They are the most versatile type of fine jewelry any woman can have in their wardrobe, be it a plain and simple pair of gold studs or a sparkling pair of diamond drops. When it comes to earrings you have the flexibility to be a little eccentric. Your girlfriend, sister and mom will love the thought you put into picking out a special pair for them and also value your insight into their style.
With earrings, you have the flexibility to be a little eccentric. Odd shapes, different lengths, and bold metals are all welcome here. Your friends will love the thought you put into picking out a special pair for them and will value your insight into their style.

Tiny Dot 14K Solid Gold Stud Earrings

  • Rings

When you are buying a ring for your special one, always try to keep it simple. A thin band along with a single jewel can be exquisite. These elegant pieces are a safe buy because many women dislike gaudy and chunky rings for everyday wear purposes. A simple, thin and beautiful piece can win every girl over.

Another option when it comes to rings are the small, jewelled ones. These look chic and elegant and fashionable at the same time. The little embellishments also make them look expensive, so your loved ones will definitely feel special!

"Evan" 14K real yellow gold Stackable Gold Band Ring

"Sophie" 14K Cz Four Petals Pearl Flower Ring

  • Necklaces

When it comes to choosing necklaces, don’t be afraid to go for a personalized touch. A monogrammed letter necklace reflects that you put a lot of thought and sentiments into your gift. And your lady love or your mom will definitely appreciate this effort of yours.

Necklaces with single and beautiful charms are always in fashion. A pendant shaped as a butterfly or key or heart can make your gift very personal and full of love. Your fiance or your loved one will definitely feel valued with the amount of thought you have put into this fine jewelry gift idea.

If you know someone who likes to stand out or be in the spotlight, a statement piece can also be a great option for them. Statement necklaces are not only bold but a beautiful option. They can be worn with many different pieces by layering, alternating along the length of the necklaces.

If your special one is into layering then you can browse through many options. Layered necklaces look great and the most interesting part is that they don’t have to buy several pieces to get the look.

The last option can be a simple chain. While simple chains have been around forever, and they are considered to be timeless. A thin gold chain will bring you people close and form an everlasting bond between as well.

"Jannie" Diamond Accent Butterfly Pendant Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

Cascade Tube Yellow Gold Necklace

  • Bracelets

Bracelets are considered to be great gifts for your loved ones. Chain bracelets are forever in fashion and are really beautiful. Be it the simple ones or the ones with sweet little charms, bracelets act as a personalized gift you can give any special person in your life.

Just like rings, gemstones also make bracelets shine. And it doesn’t need to be expensive as well! You can get some really colorful and lovely pieces for someone with less precious gemstones like moonstone, CZ, etc. These ornate pieces will make your special ones smile with joy and also reflect the love you put into their gifts.

14k Solid Yellow Gold Pave Round Stones Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

Solid Yellow Gold Minimalist Dainty Bee Bracelet

The benefits of Fine Jewelry

When you compare fine jewelry to any other jewelry, there’s no question why fine jewelry is better than other fashion jewelry. Crafted to last for a lifetime, fine jewelry can be passed down for generations.

Remember the earrings of your grandmother? Well that’s exactly what we are talking about. Fine jewelry retains its value in the future and you can resell it to buy a new piece.

Fashion jewelry though substantially inexpensive is created to completely serve a different purpose. The metals used in fashion jewelry can easily cause a lot of skin irritation. They cannot withstand heat, so the items quickly break apart. Fashion jewelry also bends and tranishes very easily and they also don’t possess any long term value.

Some people also find fine jewelry expensive, it is definitely not so. If you are shopping for a casual occasion, you will find a plethora of options on our website that will help to find you the perfect gift under your budget.

Tips to care of your Fine Jewelry

As mentioned above, fine jewelry is made to last you a lifetime, but every jewelry needs a little bit of care to protect its shine and allure. Here are some tips that will help your fine jewelry to look brand new through decades.

1. Just as the sun’s harmful rays can damage your skin, light and heat can damage your fine jewelry pieces, especially if they are embellished with gemstones. Excessive heat and temperature can fracture your gems, as heat removes the natural moisture these gemstones need to keep their shine. For instance pearls can dry out, crack and discolor, opals can lose their iridescent effect.

2. Always keep your fine jewelry away from chemicals. Exposure to harsh chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. Even everyday makeup substances like hairspray, lotion and perfume contain chemicals that can permanently damage the surface of gemstones.

3. It should always be avoided to wear fine jewelry in chlorinated swimming pools or using household cleaners. These cleaners contain ammonia, which can prove to be too harsh to the gems and the metal, as they can cause tarnish in the metal.

4. The safest cleaning method for your fine jewelry pieces is to use warm water, mild dish soap(no detergents), and a soft cloth or brush. Rinse your jewelry thoroughly so that none of the soap is left on the pieces.

5. Using a soft cloth ensures that your jewelry won’t be having any scratches which is the main reason for their dull appearance.

6. Store your jewelry in a box with separate compartments, as this not only prevents scratches but also other impacts of damage.

7. Keeping the jewelry in air tight boxes will also make them last longer.

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