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FANCIME "Sweetheart" Pink Planet Sterling Silver Bracelet


Our "Heartstrings" jewelry set is a celebration of joyous love, artfully expressed through heart orbs adorned with radiant pink heart-shaped stones. Each piece is a vibrant celebration of romance and the happiness that comes with true affection. The soft pink gemstones embody the warmth and tenderness of heartfelt connections, reflecting the blush of first love and the enduring glow of devotion.

This unique and dazzling bracelet is perfect for anyone who revels in the happiness that love brings, with each sparkling stone capturing the light of joyful moments and cherished memories.  

Heart Charm Size: 12mm x 10mm
Chain Length: 15+1.5+1.5cm
Weight: 2.2g

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FANCIME "Sweetheart" Pink Planet Sterling Silver Bracelet


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