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11 Dainty Of Fine Jewelry That Are As Affordable As They Are Pretty

11 Dainty Of Fine Jewelry That Are As Affordable As They Are Pretty

Does the phrase “fine jewelry” often make you think of super-wealthy women draped head-to-toe in diamonds or over the top expensive heirlooms?

It certainly made many wonder about it!

Although at times you want a really special piece, whether to commemorate a special occasion or to simply stand out from the crowd or something that is going to complement your entire wardrobe.

So we can say that we do need fine jewelry, but it should not be necessarily expensive. With the ever changing trends and the internet disrupting the age old concepts, everything has indeed evolved. There are many affordable fine jewelry options, that are not only quality pieces in cool silhouettes, but the products are also created with an emphasis on daily wear and fashion.

Of course, the word “affordable” is highly relative, but it is absolutely possible to get quality gold and diamond jewelry for less than $1000 these days, as well as gemstone jewelry that are reasonably priced. You just have to know where to look and what to get. And soon you can build a collection of yours.

But where should you start from? And more importantly what should you buy?

To rescue you of this dilemma we have curated a guide of our top 11 affordable fine jewelry pieces that will definitely leave you in awe.

  • This pearl pendant necklace

From ancient times, pearls have been regarded as the staple gemstones in any form of jewelry. They are considered as the CLASSICS by the fashion gurus. Although the trends around pearls have changed, what remains constant is the fact that pearl necklaces are always in hype; be it a chunky pearl necklace or a dainty pearl pendant necklace at other times. They are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your jewelry collection.

You can wear a dainty pearl necklace with your jeans and a t- shirt for a casual movie outing with your friends or pair it with your formal pants suits for an elegant look. Pearls are the way to go and they even last you a lifetime if taken care.

Baroque and freshwater pearls are a beautiful, classic option that is highly in trend these days and the best part is you can adorn it at any occasion or time of the day.

"Ava" 14K Halo Pearl Pendant Necklace

  • This petals pearl flower gold ring

There’s a saying that “florals never go out of style”. And it is true, we can hardly find anyone who doesn't love flowers!

And when it comes to floral jewelry we can assure you that it will have your hearts beating!

Flowers have been a major inspiration for jewelry designers since ages. The curves, layers, petals and the enchanting designs have made flowers a significant theme when it comes to jewelry designing.

Every year, floral motifs and designs continue to charm their way in and rule the fashion world with their unique trends, season after season! Be it a necklace or a ring, florals never disappoint, they only add a touch of serene glamour. So it is only apt that you incorporate a few pieces of floral jewelry in your jewelry wardrobe. They are not only gorgeous but elegant enough to elevate your styles and looks.

"Sophie" 14K Cz Four Petals Pearl Flower Ring

  • This phoenix newbirth necklace

There are certain jewelry pieces that are going to be an important part of your life. It may be the family heirloom studs, your grandmother gave to you, or a piece of jewelry you got yourself to commemorate a special achievement of yours.

Our phoenix newbirth necklace is definitely one of those pieces. With its radiant design, it showcases a deep meaning that you will forever cherish with all your heart. This necklace will mark your struggles and how you won them over to become a new and successful person. This charm necklace will be the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe and you will never get tired of it.

14K White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Phoenix Newbirth Pendant Necklace

  • These classic pearl earrings

When it comes to jewelry, there are the seasonal trends which fade away and then there are the classics, just like the pearls. Some of the most precious gemstones could not remain covetable for decades, but pearl jewelry has held its reputation firmly into that sartorial realm. Timeless and traditional but also unique and dynamic, at the same time, pearls have always been known as the “Queen of Gems”. It has been adorned and adored by many historical figures and is still admired.

Balancing the beauty of pearls with minimal decoration, makes it more alluring and appealing. Owning a pair of pearl earrings will definitely elevate your looks with a touch of extreme elegance.

14k Solid Yellow Gold 6mm Pearl Open Hoop Earrings

  • This minimalist bracelet

If you are a person who is into wrist candy, then bracelets are the perfect accessory for you. Be it a casual fun day out or a meeting in your office, bracelets make a great companion.

Although if you like to pair your watches with your bracelets then there are certain things you need to keep in mind, first and foremost is the color of the metal and then the design. You wouldn't want a piece that is overwhelming your entire look or your beautiful watch. For these kinda situations minimal bracelets are a great option, not only are they affordable but they look great with almost everything.

Line&Dots One-Diamond Gold Minimalist Bracelet In 18K Solid Gold

  • This gold heart ruby necklace

Just like pearls, Rubies are also categorized as classics. Rubies fall under the three crown jewels. They are enigmatic gemstones that have been highly valued throughout different ages.

So, why not add this enchanting gem to your collection? And it is in the shape of a heart! This pendant necklace is not only a great accessory but also a great gift for your special ones. Symbolizing everlasting love with a bit of sumptuous sparkle, this necklace will place you in focus on any occasion.

Lab-Created Heart Ruby Pendant with Diamond in Sterling Silver Chain

  • This twisted knot necklace

Knots are known to be the most popular and beautiful themes in jewelry. The theme of knots has its roots deeply embedded in the meaning of love and commitment. The simple definition goes that, when two things are knotted or tied together they become inseparable and unbreakable. That is why knots are often used to symbolize eternal love, unity and commitment.

So a knot twisted necklace is also a great gift for your loved ones, be it your mom or your fiance, they will definitely appreciate the thought you put into the gift.

14K Real Solid Gold Classic Infinity Love Knot Necklace

  • These classic hoops

A pair of hoops goes a long way! Hoop earrings are considered to be one of the sassiest pairs you can own. They exhibit style and fun with elegance at the same time. Be it the bigger hoops or the small huggie ones, they can be paired with every outfit you own with a whole of glamour and sexy!

So it is only right that we add this classic to your jewelry list!

14k White Gold and Moissanite Diamond Earrings

  • This gorgeous love bracelet

Love bracelets are a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Crafted with love and symbolized with love, these dainty bracelets feature adorable heart motifs. The symbol of heart is a universal representation of love and commitment. It is used to symbolise romantic love, self love and the love you share with your friends and family.

They are a great accessory when you are out with your friends for a casual day out or you can even pair them with your watch for a formal outing with colleagues. Love bracelets are also considered as great gifts on special occasions like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.

"Debra" 18K Yellow Gold Heart Love Bracelet

  • These stud earrings

The pair of diamond studs rose to prominence during the 1870s when new diamond cutting machines were invented. They have remained in style to this day, and they are also considered to be the kind of accessory which stood the test of time.

When it comes to fine jewelry, a pair of sparkling diamond studs tops the list. Although most of the variants available in the market are very expensive, we have designs that are not only pocket friendly but definitely be your number one choice for everyday dressing rituals.

"Simply Star" Solid 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Star Studs

  • This friendship bracelet

Worrying about what you should get your best friend on her birthday or on friendship day?

Tired of looking for options in a budget?

Well we have a solution to it, our dainty and elegant friendship bracelet crafted in gold, will definitely strengthen your bond with your best friend. Combining the classic and the contemporary, this bracelet will be the most beautiful and cute token of love. Surprise your friend on her special day with this bracelet and mark your forever love.

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Updated on August 17th, 2022

14k Solid Yellow Gold Two Circle Friendship Bracelet

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